CBD Active Cream

For athletes and heavy physical activity


Cream for topical use with 300mg* of CBD and beneficial natural plant extracts, which provides a fast and pleasant effect on the area of muscle where applied.


300 MG


CBD Active Cream is a cream with CBD and other medicinal plants that helps to improve muscle relaxation and provides a pleasant feeling of comfort. It contains cannabidiol and produces a fast and pleasant effect on the area of muscle where applied.

CBD Active Cream is indicated for use after sporting activities, but can also be applied in moments of relaxation such as before going to sleep or after daily efforts such as lifting weights, repetitive actions or bad posture.

Active Cream is made from CBD and other medicinal plants with properties such as arnica, calendula and hypericum, which reduce the sensation of pain and provide relaxation after a session of intense exercise.

Application: Apply to the desired area with a light massage until the skin has completely assimilated the cream. Application is recommended with the body relaxed, after the end of the training session or before going to bed.

Ingredients: Arnica montana, Menthol, Calendula, Hypericum, Cannabidiol 300mg* CBD.

*for 100g of product

*THC free product


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