Animal CBD Gel

Liniment gel with CBD for animals


Dual effect cold-warm liniment with cannabidiol (CBD) for pets. Provides fast and effective relief for fatigued muscles, joints and tendons. It has no side effects, so it can be applied without veterinary prescription.

 Menthol, chloroxylenol, extracts of calendula, echinacea, witch hazel, peppermint, hemp oil, cannabidiol (CBD) 0.1%.



Animal CBD Gel is a liniment designed for all types of animals, made only with natural ingredients. Thanks to the beneficial properties of medicinal plants such as calendula, peppermint or menthol, it is indicated for the treatment of sore and/or fatigued muscles and joints. It can be used both for animals with high physical activity and for those of advanced age.

Animal CBD Gel can provide a cold-warm effect that stimulates blood flow and can help the regeneration of muscles and tendons. It is quickly absorbed and is easily applied with a light massage. The plants contained in Animal CBD Gel refresh the skin and relax muscles and joints, bringing rest and well-being to the body.

Gently massage the area to be treated, allowing the skin to absorb all the gel. Its application is recommended when the animal is resting, accompanying it with a circular massage. Maximum absorption capacity.

*THC free product


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